Thursday, January 17, 2008

Poyvore of the Day: Valentine's Confession

Can we talk "love" for a minute? I had a revelation recently about the state of my relationship. (Sorry to get personal here, but it's relevant to the topic at hand.) Ever since I can remember, I've done everything I can to not be THAT girl - the needy girlfriend, the princess girlfriend. I've always wanted to be "down," a guy's-girl, low-key, low-maintenance, and so on and so forth. But the other day, I looked my boyfriend squarely in the face and admitted it....

What, you ask, did I admit to? I admitted to needing to be showered with kisses, needing to be held, needing to be swept off my feet and serenaded and all of the other stuff that has been buried by years of tomboy training. This is not to say that my wonderful man doesn't already do these things (he sings me Frank Sinatra ballads quite often in fact), but it felt good to actually say that I needed it out loud.

And so, in keeping with the spirit of sharing my girly side (and even though you guys do not collectively equal a boyfriend), I'm going to bare my soul to you. Here goes...

I NEED one day a year, where I can wear pink. Unabashedly. Bright pink. Rasberry pink. Flamingo pink, even. And what better day, than a day when it's not quite as dangerous to venture out in this eye-popping hue - Valentine's Day!

Just in case you're ready to wear some pink too, I've picked out some lovely Polyvore inspiration for us - a set that features my new color-du-jour. It comes to us from polyvore-er, likeomgnoway. (love the username - how very apropos.) The set is a perfect example of how to wear pink without looking like a giant...I don't blob. Plus, I dig the mint green / rasberry combo.

Sigh. See, now don't you feel like we've bonded? In the words of the immortal Chevy Chase, "good talk, Russ."


p.s. "But it's only January 17th," you say. "Valentine's Day is a month away!" I know, but if you're going to do some online shopping for V-day, you'd better get started now.

And here are my picks for the best pinkage on the web:

1. Big Date Night: frothy pink frock @ Mary Moore Vintage
2. Valentine's Gala: pink ballgown @ Vintage-a-Peel

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~*FABULOUS*~ said...

that is a gorgeous set!