Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Polyvore of the Day: Draping

No, no! I'm not talking about Maria from The Sound of Music turning the drapes into clothing - I'm talking about dresses that are beautifully draped!

I love these types of dresses. Trying to find out where the fabric begins and ends and how the draper got it to fall just so, is an adventure in itself. The best thing is that vintage definitely has a corner on the market when it comes to dresses in this category. So many vintage designs pay homage to master drapers such as Madame Gres, that you can usually find a reasonably priced version if you do a bit of searching. Some names to look for: Galanos, Jean Desses, Ceil Chapman, and Mary McFadden.

The polyvore of the day, from jadesayshollabeyotch, is a wonderful example of how to pull off the "draped" look without seeming dated. Also below are my picks for some of the best draped dresses on the web. Enjoy!

My "Draped Dress" Picks:

1. Old School: 1950's Jean Desses Gown @ The Frock
2. New School: 1980's Victor Costa Dress @ Calico

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Empress Jade Vintage said...

I love your blog. Funny, insightful and a wonderful presentation. Good work!