Saturday, December 1, 2007

Polyvore of the Day: Better Sweater

Let's face it. There are about 8 billion cool sweaters on this how do you choose? For me, it's all in the details. And by details I don't mean that the sweater has to be covered in buttons or lace or embroidery. I just mean that one feature really has to grab me. For this season, I'm interested in solid colors with exaggerated sleeves or collars. Proportion DOES matter, and I like balance. I'm sort of bored with the typical slouch sweater these days. In general, I find that if I can buy it new somewhere else, I'm less inclined to invest in the vintage precurser. I do like prints occasionally, but I find that a pattern can actually be a prime indicator of poor quality. So if I invest in a print, I invest. I've included 3 of my favorite sweaters at the bottom of this post, so be sure to check them out.

The Polyvore of the Day features a really nifty little sweater, and the styling is spot-on. Kudos to Faboulishoes for putting this outfit together.

"Better Sweater" Picks:

1. 1970s Gil Aimbez Flamenco Sweater @ Metal-Thread Vintage

2. 1980s Betsey Johnson Sweater @ Le Robo Vintage Clothing

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Kitty du Vert said...

Just wanted to say great blog. I'm putting up a link to you from my site--glad to see another fun, witty take on vintage living in modern times!